Care and cleaning

You can also extend the service life of your parasol following a few simple but effective maintenance instructions.

Sustainable care for your parasol

When not in use, you should generally either tie the parasol with the sewn-on ribbons and cover it with the protective cover if left outdoors, or store it in a weatherproof location. Make sure the parasol is never rolled up or folded in a wet or damp state for an extended period of time to prevent mould and discoloration. Fallen leaves or insect droppings should be removed immediately if possible (potential cause of microbial infestation).

When closed for short periods, the parasol should be at least tied, and ideally also protected with the protective cover so that the fabric does not flutter in the wind and risk being damaged.

Further information in the instructions for use

Protective cover and accessories

Parasol cleaning

Clean the protective cover, the canopy of the parasol and the mast with lukewarm water and a sponge if necessary. Do not use bleach or any sharp objects in order to avoid damage.

A note about safety

When opening, closing and adjusting the parasol, make sure that the fabric does not hit walls or become caught between parts of the frame. Close the parasol immediately in the event of strong winds, stormy weather conditions or snowfall.

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